The Seeding Shed Series | Photography with Cassie | Broome Documentary Photographer

The Seeding Shed Series was shot at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, north of Broome in the remote north of Western Australia.

I sometimes have to remind myself just how lucky I am that I get to witness places like this. It’s something a lot of people in the world could never imagine.

The pearling industry is a fascinating one, it has a sordid past and a fragile future. I wanted to document the every day, the making of a pearl, the behind the scenes. Very few people have any idea what it takes to create a pearl. This is a small insight and there’s not much smooth, white or shiny about it.

Stay tuned for my larger series I am working on “The Pearl Farm Project”. I have many more interesting shots and footage to come. The images in this post were all shot and edited on my phone.

Thanks to the people who welcomed me while I was there, I miss your good hearts already!


Thank you x

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