A gentle soul. A lover. A life documenter.

My favourite part of a wedding day is connecting with the people I’m photographing and telling the real story of the day. I’m an observer of moments and a feeler of emotions. I love to document how things are, your love, your home, the smallest change in your facial expressions, where you choose to have your wedding day, who you choose to surround yourself with. I love mood and warmth and intention. I think it’s important to truly feel and notice all those things in order to best tell your story. Having the honour of sharing a wedding day with my couples never really feels like work. It’s a privilege to be welcomed in to someone’s whole world and be trusted to capture all that that includes.

I find peace in forests, calm by the ocean and inspiration in the mountains. One of my favourite things to do is sit with friends over coffee or wine and chat about all things life. 

I love travelling and road trips, not for the act of ticking off places around the globe but for meeting new people and living in a new culture, if only for a little while. 

I find life fascinating; being honest, vulnerable, joyful, open and interested in people really helps me make the most of it. I’ve been told I have a sense of quiet calm and a depth that’s easy to get lost in. 

Photography is obviously a huge passion of mine. I also love writing and I’m currently teaching myself to water colour paint. I just throw a lot of water on the paper and then watch the colours swirl around, it’s a work in progress… 

I’ve spoken at creative retreats across Australia and New Zealand. It inspires and terrifies me in equal measures. I’ve photographed people in the most perfect rolling hills in Tasmania to the most isolated deserts in Saudi Arabia but it’s the people, the people always shine the brightest. 

I have ambitions in life to create an awesome co-working space with other creative’s, to write a book, to have a host of spaces I can share, to have a floor to ceiling bookshelf, but my everyday is centred around being a great human and caring for others. I love living in my island home, Hobart, Tasmania, I travel frequently between Tasmania and Victoria and am always happy to travel further afield.

I acknowledge the Aboriginal owners of lutruwita/Tasmania where I live and work, the muwinina and melukerdee people of the South East Nation.  It is with the greatest respect that I call this place home, knowing that land was never ceded. 

Image of me by Soph Bayly of Bayly & Moore.

Cassie Sullivan
Cassie Sullivan