Any Day Now (Part 2) | Pregnancy Photographer Hobart

Any day now… A Pregnancy Photography session in two parts by Photography with Cassie in Hobart, Tasmania. 

So here is part 2, our studio session.

Remembering our childhood and our family growing up usually leaves my Sister, Brother and I in fits of laughter. I wanted to share a few memories of my sister and I.  Looking at these images now, it all makes sense to see the beautiful woman and mother she has become.

I remember sharing a room (and the ‘do not cross’ lines that were occasionally physically marked out on the carpet), drifting off to sleep one night you tried to teach me the concept of times tables. I’m sure you tried your best to explain it. I didn’t get it… I went to sleep marveling at your superior knowledge and wondered if I’d ever know as much as you.

I remember the many, many times growing up when I was too shy to talk to someone and you would step in and take control of the conversation. Thank you.

I remember you teaching Jacqui and I to drive your little yellow Honda Civic. That was funny…

I remember picking you up after your first major break-up. We sat on the couch for an age, you cried and I offered useless options like having a cup of tea. I didn’t understand what you were going through until quite recently. I’m sorry that happened to you.

I remember one hilarious drunken night at Clifton Beach when you and Joe decided to bounce up and down on that wooden bench seat. I can’t explain it in words and I’m sure no one else gets it, but I laugh now every time I think of your silly grinning faces and crazy hair.

I remember when you were in labour for all that time, I was so scared, I have no idea if you were. You were on the wrong side of the country. I paced the hallways like a madman.

My dear Sister, your infectious giggle is the best thing in the world. Words or images cannot express the love I feel for you.

Thank you x

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