Jacqui + Patto + Ivy | Hobart Family Photographer

A beautiful sunrise family photography session by Photography with Cassie at Clifton Beach, just South of Hobart, Tasmania.

This sunrise session warmed my heart. It’s always such a joy to photograph those you love and I love this little family dearly. It was an amazing sunrise and a morning that now sits as one of my favourites. The Anderson family consist of my best friends Jacqui and Patto and their character filled little girl Ivy and not to mention a tiny soul we are all yet to meet.

Jacqui and Patto got married earlier this year at an amazing hand made wedding. I have scattered the speech I made at their wedding through this post just in case my images don’t express enough how special they truly are.


5 important life lessons I’ve learnt from Jacqui & Patto:


1. Share the love

I feel honoured that Jacqui & Patto share their life so openly with us. Their hopes, their worries, their dreams. Sometimes I’d prefer not to hear the more intimate details of their flatulance issue, sex life and waxing trials and tribulations… but one in, all in. I love that they share their beautiful Ivy, their home, their families and even Nan.

2. Always give everyone a chance

And a second chance and always be open to getting to know people. I have yet to meet anyone who does this with the grace and love that Jacqui does.

3. Talk about things that are important to you

I am quite frankly useless at this and just quietly so is Patto; but Jacqui, the ever caring Jacqui will always ask the seemingly innocent question “how are you?”. My response is always “yeah, I’m ok” which Jac always follows with “just make sure you talk to me if you need to, I’m always here”. What more could you possibly ask for in a best friend and in a wife.

4. Of life lessons learnt

From Jacqui: follow your dreams.

From Patto: follow your heart.

5. and probably the most important of all…

An insightful quote from Patto that I will never forget. A quote to live by… “It’s only nudity you guys”


So there you are. My best friends as I know and love them. There was some ad libbing about fluffers in there somewhere too but I couldn’t do it justice here, you kinda had to be there…

Thank you x

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