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Championing love!

Today I entered the Pure Bride Industry Awards. Awards make my heart lurch a little, it’s always a daunting prospect, being judged and I often have multiple conversations in my head about whether I am skilled enough to enter them. This time, the voice that says “well you my as well try, you’ll never know if you never enter” won out. So here is my entry and a little blurb about why I’d love to win.

You can vote for me in the people’s choice category by clicking here or on any of the images below.

I invite you to come in and sit on the old brown leather couch, I’ll put the kettle on. While we’re waiting I can show you some albums.
Run your hands over the texture of the paper. The pages are filled with adventurous wedding days where people invited me into their lives to document love.
And I mean truly document, from that moment before you put your dress on and your hands are clutching at the nerves in your tummy, to your Dad blinking tears away hard, to the emotional overload that lies in all the words of your ceremony, to a moment of peace, together, quiet, I get that too. I’m there when the groomsman, with a grin from ear to ear, relays story after story, feeding off the laughter of your friends. I’m there when your Mum has her tissue at her eye, then her hand at her heart. I smile through your wedding dance, the light from the sparklers flickering in all the faces around me and later in the night I’ll move through your dance floor, camera swinging, eyes alight, whole face smiling.
This documenting, this noticing of all the parts that make a whole is why I photograph weddings. I want more and more people to experience this kind of wedding photography. To be able to look back at their day and see it for the love explosion it was. To see the moments that mattered and to remember that time they stood on a cliff, just them, in that beautiful moment.
I want to reach out to people and say “Hey! Come adventuring with me! Life is for living and weddings are for loving and I can show you all that!” and I’d love this award to represent me. To represent the power of telling a magical story. To represent real life journeys. To champion love.

Photography with Cassie | Broome, WAPhotography with Cassie | Clifton Beach, TasmaniaPhotography with Cassie | Clifton Beach, TasmaniaPhotography with Cassie | Woodbridge, TasmaniaPhotography with Cassie | Broome, WA


Thank you. I appreciate your support more than you will ever know.

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