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I stumbled across Jeremy’s account on Instagram one day. The sheer bulk of text stopped me, I was intrigued. You see, people don’t really write on Instagram, it’s generally not what it’s used for. Usually if I see a whole load of text, it’s someone going off on a rant about animal cruelty or jesus or some such something that has nothing to do with the image and everything to do with the person ranting. But then I found TheBrightDark.

I was immediately intrigued  by the writing style, by the perfect match of image and story, the far from perfect characters in each story. I fell in love with each one, I felt they were real. His stories are the epitome of the “people watching game”, you know the one, when you sit and make up the finer details of the lives of the strangers surrounding you. Jeremy takes it to a new level, with style and impact and some kind of almost painful reality.

So when Jeremy put a call out to collaborate I knew it was something we had to do. I took the below photo at the Falls Festival in Marion Bay, Tasmania. I do not know the people in it, I do not know her story, only the one Jeremy has written for her below.

girl in parade at falls festival tasmania

PHOTO BY: @photographywithcassie

STORY BY: @thebrightdark

She was just his type. She was the kind of girl who kept him from being someone he didn’t want to be. And he resented her for it. But he wasn’t aware of his resentment and it manifested itself in petty arguments. And they had not seen each other since last night’s argument in the camping area. She had wanted to see Beach House and he had wanted to see some crap singer songwriter that was playing at the same time on a different stage. She couldn’t believe he could value that folk whatever over Beach House. She judged people by their taste in music. And she felt people judged her by who she was with. How could she be with someone who had such corrupt tastes. But he had taken off and never went back to the tent. She’d assumed he would’ve met her at the parade but no. She felt she was alone and the crowds were scrambled holographic peripherals in a restless dream. Well when she saw him she wasn’t gonna cause another row. Just act like nothing had happened and everything was fine. And that’s what he needed. Just for everything to be fine so he didn’t start to regret being with her. Regret could lead to breaking up and being without her meant he’d have to face being himself. And he was in no way interested in being himself. #realpeopleinfictionalstoriescollab

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Thank you Jeremy x


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