Laneway Music Festival | Melbourne Documentary Photography

A documentary series of St. Jeromes Laneway Music Festival in Melbourne town by Photography with Cassie.

Wow! What a lovely little (quite sizable really) festival to be a part of. Super chilled, super friendly, rad venue (Footscray Community Arts Centre), amazing music. Everything I love in a music festival.

There’s a few behind the scenes shots, a few in the mix shots and as always a few moments captured that will never be repeated. My favourite festival moment was walking into the almost empty band rooms (an uncommon and short lived experience) to find one solo muso, sitting quietly in the corner of a huge room, tinkering away at the baby grand, completely lost in his passion for sound. Oh my heart. He was soon joined by more and more muso’s, enchanted by the sound and delighted to add their notes to his.

I also caught some of Chet Faker’s set, what a guy! I think you could get pregnant just from listening to his music…

Anywaaaaaaay, this is my series from Laneway, all shot and edited on phone. Tell me what you think. Did you go to Laneway? What was your favourite moment?Helen Ransom Laneway Melbourne Music Festival


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