Goonoo Goonoo Station Wedding // Ali and James

A heartwarming, sun filled Goonoo Goonoo Station wedding.

This Goonoo Goonoo Station wedding was the epitome of heart and family goodness. I couldn’t be more humbled to be asked to document it. Ali and James are dear friends of mine. We met on the far north coast of Australia on a pearl farm in the Kimberley’s. I instantly fell in love with Ali’s gentle nature and excitement for life. We share fairly random memories with each other that I could never match with anyone else from working and road tripping in remote lands. I am so glad Ali was there on a trip where we thought we were goners a few times over. We got stranded in Derby and futilely tried to hatch escape plans. Let’s just say Ali and Jame’s are a team you want to have by your side and who always has your back.

When I landed at Goonoo Goonoo I was greeted with the incredible warmth and fun of the people Ali and James choose to surround themselves with. It all made sense. The day was a sun filled ceremony and a long luxurious lunch. Everyone travelled in which made the whole weekend a brilliant collision of wonderful people from all walks of life. Old and new friends were all thrown in together at this beautiful station. One of my favourite’s from the day is when Ali’s dad see’s her in her dress for the first time, that hug, heart melt.

This Goonoo Goonoo Station wedding location is stunning. I feel so lucky that I am asked to such unique parts of the world to experience intense amounts of love and capture it all. All my love and gratitude go to Ali and James for welcoming me and to the whole clan for looking after me.

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