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An afternoon in Sayan, the beginning of a Bali love affair by Photography with Cassie. 

Next week I’m going back to Bali so I thought it best to tell the story of when I went in June. The following images were taken in one afternoon, exploring the streets of Sayan on Scooter, cameras slung over our shoulders, nowhere to be. We happened across a temple ceremony and then made our way out through the rice padi’s, driving through the fading light until the heavy insect traffic got too much. No destination, no purpose, just exploring.

I can’t do justice to the way I felt in Bali with words or images. It’s an all encompassing, works it’s way into your bones, settles in your subconscious, kind of feeling.

The humid warmth. The beautiful light. The distinctive Bali smell. It’s intoxicating and it made me feel at home.

I knew I wanted to go back and spend more time in Bali before I’d even been there a day. Knew that I could lose months there. Strangely knew that if I have children that there will be long stages of their lives where they will be cared for and adored by the sweet and savvy people of Bali.

This was the start of a new journey for me and I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to start a story of mine.

Next week I go to what I think will be an inspiring, honest and exciting conference. It will also mark the beginning of a new, more personal project for me. A project of honesty, travel and head and heart wide open sharing. I am inspired as always, by the people around me and by this place.

Through the busyness, disorganisation and noise of Bali, I have found a belonging and peacefulness that I have not felt in the last few years of my travels around Australia. I cannot explain it.

Bali boy


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